7 Narwhal Facts

Narwhals are famous for their long tusks. They appear somewhat like seals because of the roundness in shape but they are in fact a species of whale that swim through Arctic waters all year round. They are often said to have been the inspiration for the legendary unicorn. Keep reading for more unusual facts about the whale with a leathery tusk.

Narwhals are often called corpse whales as they remain motionless and sometimes even turn upside down while taking a break from swimming.


1. The long tusk is actually its left canine tooth that comes out of its mouth from its upper lip.

The tusks grow incredible lengths and they reach incredibly long distances during their lifetime and can reach 10 feet in length. An example of 10ft is a basketball hoop.


2. The skin of Narwhals is rich in Vitamin C.

“Without the Narwhal it is doubtful whether the Inuit would have survived in some parts of the Arctic.” – BBC. Researchers say roughly one ounce of Narwhal skin has just as much Vitamin C as oranges.


3. Every Narwhal kept in captivity has died. 

Narwhals are not meant to be held in captivity. Narwhals that have been captured have died within a month’s time despite given the right treatment and proper care.


4. Some Narwhals have two tusks.

Though it is unlikely, some rare individuals actually have a pair of tusks. Females, generally speaking, do not have any. But rarely, some females do have small tusks.


5. If a Narwhal tusk breaks it can never regrow again.

Some theories as to why this mammal has a long tusk are to use it to poke the seabed for food, spearing fish, and breaking the ice.


6. Narwhals feel soundwaves. 

These creatures don’t have ears. They have the ability to feel echolocation soundwaves to figure out where other objects are located. They whistle loudly when communicating with each other and feel the sound waves and can determine exactly what each wave means.


7. Narwhals can make you deaf.

Listening to the extremely loud whistles and squeals produced by Narwhals can turn most people deaf. It is essential to have the proper equipment and protection when listening to their calls.


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