The Deep Sea

More people have visited the moon than the deepest points of the ocean. The ocean is the part of our planet that is largely unexplored and is yet to be discovered. Full of unusual alien type creatures cruising the deep. Every dive into the oceans deep brings out surprises, new species are discovered every time. The more we find out about this vast wilderness, the more we understand that there is a lot more to be discovered on our very own planet.


The Barreleye fish can grow up to 16 centimeters long and are found in the depth of 2,000/2,600 deep and also in depths of 3,330 feet. What appears to be eyes on its face is actually a pair of noses. The eyes, however, are the seemingly green marble colored balls enclosed within its transparent head that face upward to search for prey above.


The Angler Fish can be found in over 3,000 feet deep. It has a bioluminescent bulb on top of its head which it flashes into the darkness to lure in its prey. This fish can be quite large reaching to 3.3 feet in length.

Submarines and fishing vessels are sent down and trawlers and other fishing boats drag up creatures from this alien world in their nets. The fish that are brought up are usually dead and often bloated virtually out of all recognition, their swim bladders inflate like balloons as the water pressure decreases as they rise from the depths. Submarines are able to observe these creatures in their own habitat by either filming them or capturing them and letting them go. Unfortunately, however,  even with the floodlights the submarines carry, what they can see is limited. The sound of the approach frightens many of the creatures away before coming into contact, and those that stay where they are can only be seen if the light is directly facing them, but even then, it’s a rare encounter.


This bioluminescent creature named Atolla Jellyfish can be found in depth of 1,000/4,000 meters. They are also known as the “Burglar alarm fish” as it flashes beautiful light display which looks like fireworks. It uses the lights to attract other predators to chase away it’s lurking killer.


The Mariana Trench is the deepest point of the ocean reaching to 35,827 meters deep and is created by the collision of the Pacific and Philippian tectonic plates. If the mount Everest (which is the highest point in the world reaching to 29,035 meters) was placed into the Mariana Trench, Mount Everest’s peak would still be 2,133 meters below sea level). It is where creatures thrive in extreme conditions, a place where no living creature should exist, living in the hot volcanic storms, swimming in hot molten sulfuric acid, and under extreme water pressure (where if a human was to swim, the body would be crushed within seconds).

The Dragon Fish can be found in depths of 5000/7000 feet and are typically seen as 17 centimeters in length. This fish first starts its life at the surface of the ocean as the eggs float to the top. When it is ready, it descends into the darkness.

Almost half kilometers below the ocean, where sunlight can’t reach, lies a sludge of hot sulfur and surprisingly, fish swim within it like it’s no harm at all. The hot sulfur acts as a trap for the mid fish (the fish that swim above) by overcoming them with flares of poison. Bringing down their meat for the sulfuric seabed dwellers below. At the bottom of the trench, the water pressure is where it’s at it’s heaviest point (8 tons per square inch). This weight is as much as 50 Jumbo Jets placed upon a Human body. Yet still, there are fish that swim there with no problem whatsoever.



The fish shown in the video which researchers refer to the Mariana Snailfish has set the world record for the deepest living fish ever documented. It has been found in crushing depths of 8,178 (26,830 feet) below the ocean surface.

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