10 Animals That Broke Records

On this planet live billions of creatures that we still have yet to discover. Most of them live hidden beneath the depth of the oceans. 71 percent of Earth’s surface is water which gives us the image of how vast the world of the ocean might be. In fact, even on land, there are creatures that we possibly don’t know exist yet. We will be looking at some of the most unique animals that have been discovered.



1. Conodont Had The Sharpest Teeth In The World

500-200 million years ago scientists suspect lived the very first vertebrate which was 1-2cm in length, jawless and had the body of an eel. Despite having no jaw, it’s razor-sharp teeth were capable of slicing with great force for their size. “(The discovery) shows that even the earliest vertebrate teeth we know of were extremely well-adapted for capturing and breaking down food,” Said biologist Dr. Alistair Evans from Monash University in Melbourne. For their size, they had great force and were able to bite through prey much larger than them in comparison without applying much pressure on them at all. “It’s almost like a set of needles pointing out of the tooth,” said Dr. Alistar.



2. The Colossal Squid has record-breaking eyes the size of a human head.

This rare majestic giant lives deep within the dark depth of the oceans under 7,000 or more beneath the surface. Its eyes are bigger than any creature on the planet and the squid itself is a whopping 90 feet long! it is equipped with a powerful beak, arms with powerful razor-sharp claws, and powerful sucker-packed tentacles. The Squid does not actively hunt and given the huge dinner-plate-sized eyes it can avoid predators such as sperm whales and sleeper sharks.



3. A Bear’s sense of smell is 2,100 better than that of a human. 

These cuddly-looking deadly creatures have the record for the strongest sense of smell on the planet. The brain of a bear is 1 third that of a human but the area that controls the sense of smell is five times the size of humans. Their sense of smell does more for them than their sight. They use this keen sense of smell to find food, avoid danger, and also keep track of their cubs. Its ability is so acute that it can detect animal carcasses from a lengthy distance of 20 miles away.



4. The Box Jellyfish can kill you within two minutes. 

If you receive two meters or more tentacle contact its venom will be able to kill you within two minutes. It is the most poisonous animal that exists and it comes around during stinger seasons. Irukandji syndrome is the term used to describe the symptoms of the box jellyfish sting. It includes an array of systemic symptoms, including a severe headache, backache, muscle pains, chest and abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, sweating, anxiety, hypertension, tachycardia, and pulmonary edema.



6. The Turritopsis dohrnii Jellyfish is immortal.

This creature is immortal unless it is killed by a predator or has been affected by injuries. But with age, it does not die. After it reproduces it transforms into its juvenile polyp state. Its tentacles begin to retract, the body shrinks, and sinks to the ocean floor and begins the cycle of life all over again. There are 3 types of Turritopsis jellyfish which are Nuticula, Rubra, and Dohrnii. The Nutricula jellyfish was a long time mistaken for the immortal jellyfish, though the jellyfish used in lab observations was Turritopsis dorhnii, as they were collected from the Mediterranean.



7. The Cheetah accelerates the speed of a falling rock.

The Cheetah has sufficient heart and lungs that can pump large amounts of blood around its body very quickly which is required to run tremendous speeds. To run they use their nonretractable claws and rigged footpads as cleats to maximize their traction and avoid burnouts when turning by shifting their heavy claws. Those tactics, combined with enormously long hamstring and calf muscles give the Cheetah the awesome breaking speeds of 75 miles per hour.  in addition to having the highest top speed, In a single stride, cheetahs can tack on an extra 7 mph, at their peak, the cheetahs accelerate at a rate of slightly more than 1 g- which means they accelerate roughly at a speed of a falling rock, according to researcher Alan Wilson who studies biochemical movement at the University of London.



8. The Wax Moth can hear higher frequencies than any known creature on the planet

Researchers at the University of Strathclyde Glasgow Scotland have discovered that the greater wax moth (Galleria mellonella) has the most intense hearing abilities of any known creature on the planet. It is able to hear sound frequencies of up to 300kHz, and us humans at our best can only hear up to 20kHz. Researchers suspect the great hearing abilities are to keep from its main enemy: The common bat. A bats prey has no clue it is targeted. The moth on the other hand, given great ears, can detect the bat’s greatest weapon used which is the power of echolocation. 



9. Giraffes sleep for 1 hour a day. 

Despite their large body scale and seemingly needing longer sleeping hours in order to function properly, they only sleep for 1.9 hours a day. They take short naps of a few minutes (approximately 5 minutes) at a time throughout the day while standing and fully upright with their eyes half-closed and twitching. A giraffe adult can survive on 30 minutes of sleep at night. The reason behind this is because an animal this huge can easily become the main meal for predators if they lie down to sleep in the middle of the planes. When they are fully alert, they can run as fast as 35 miles per hour. They are not easy targets at all.



10. The Rhinoceros beetle can lift 850 times its own weight.

You may have expected big, mighty animals to be the strongest on the planet, but no, it is a beetle. A Rhinoceros Beetle. Rhinoceros Beetles can lift something that is 850 times their own weight. Putting this to perspective, if a human had its strength, they would be able to lift a 65-ton object. A fully grown elephant can only hold 25 times its own weight, however, If the elephant had the equal strength that of the beetle it would be able to carry 850 elephants on its back. In Asia, these tough insects are popular pets where they are sold up to $350 U.S dollars.




Here is an awesome video of Grizzly Bears catching Salmon. 

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